Ulpan Israeli


Hebrew is more than just a language – it is a culture!

Immerse yourself in Israeli culture while you learn Hebrew - and gain academic credit points
About us
Ulpan Israeli is the leading Hebrew instruction institute in Israel, known by his highly qualified staff and innovative instruction methods. Established in 2009, Ulpan Israeli has acquired its reputation as the best Hebrew teaching experience.
What we offer
The Ulpan offers a large variety of Hebrew classes to all levels. The classes are held in the most advanced facilities of the Netanya academic collage. Our courses are entitled to an academic recognition by the Netanya Collage. Courses pattern is flexible and can be adapted to all students' needs.
Our clients
Since October 2013, we supply Hebrew teaching services to the Masa Project. Serving all sorts of clients, we work with private students as well as providing professional business Hebrew courses to well known high-tech corporations and Professional Hebrew courses in Gvahim NGO.
Our Advantages:
Flexible course duration
Course's duration depends on the student's needs and options.  For Example, Masa course duration is a whole academic year. Other course patterns are available.
Highly experienced staff
Highly qualified and experienced teachers.
Live the Hebrew you learn
Interact daily with native Hebrew speakers and develop your new language skills in authentic Israeli environment.
Adaptation to student's level
Upon entry, each student goes through a sorting exam which places him/her at His/hers adequate Hebrew level class.
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