About NAC

Netanya Academic College invites you to study for a recognized academic degree in a demanded and prestigious profession.
The Netanya Academic College offers the best faculty lecturers, holding a doctorate degree or professors of the first rank in the country and worldwide. The school Deans served as deans and faculty heads in prestigious universities. The College has a winning combination of rich academic experience with an in-depth field perception and advanced learning environment, including luxury study halls, computer laboratories, radio and television studios, a transaction room linked online to the central stock markets in the world, a rich library, Motorola Lab for computer engineering, the radio station "Kol Netanya", a sports center including tennis, basketball, volleyball and mini-football courts; a water-sports center containing a swimming pool, a magnificent fitness room, cafeteria, dressing rooms and toilets, as well as an amphitheater, auditorium halls, a Senate hall and a unique cinema, which adds a lot to the student milieu at the spectacular campus at the center of the country.
Furthermore, luxury student dormitories, built with high standards, are at the students' disposal.
Netanya Academic College is an accredited institution of higher education and has currently about 4,000 students studying for various academic degrees.
The college graduates can enroll for M.A and Ph.D. degrees at all the universities in Israel and worldwide.
Netanya Academic College places at the core of its activity curricula of great benefit for promoting the economy of the State of Israel. The college curricula are innovative and emphasize computing devices and multimedia. For promoting this objective, laboratories and radio & television studios were set up, of the most advanced and sophisticated ones in Israel's higher education institutions.
Netanya Academic College is a non-profit public institution, established for the benefit of the public, and as such, it operates for the students' welfare and the enhancement of the teaching and research means. The College does not receive any funds from the Council of Higher Education, a fact, which ensures the institution's full academic and administrative freedom. The College attributes much importance to its activity for the society and the community, and within this framework, a series of prestigious projects have been set up for legal, social and communal aid for the residents of the area and nearby neighborhoods.
Plans for the future
Netanya Academic College strives to turn into the largest prestigious institution in the Sharon region, which will include in the future 12, 000 students. Service to the customer – which is the student - stands at the core of the College. This is expressed by emphasizing both the centrality of the teaching level and by establishing schools and departments, which will allow their graduates to integrate into the top positions of Israel's economy.
The special curricula provide a response to the needs of the economy and to the future needs of the international community.
The College is planning to set up multidisciplinary academic frameworks and diversified M.A programs in various fields of research and teaching. At this stage, we award eight Master degrees: M.B.A. in Business Administration with five specializations: financing, marketing, multidisciplinary management, project and information systems management, as well as information management, management of nature resources, environment, energy and water; LLM in law, M.A. in communication, M.A. in organizational behavior, M.A. in banking and capital markets, M.A in real-estate, M.H.M in management of health systems and M.A in law studies for non-layers.
·          The Council for Higher Education accredited the opening of M.A. studies in Health Systems Management and Law studies for non-layers. Awarding the degrees is conditioned on the accreditation of the Council of Higher Education.

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