Mr Beny Steinmetz

Dear Beny,
At an early age you took your future and destiny in your own hands. With your sharp instincts and talents you have acquired as an autodidact the knowledge and ability to develop creative ideas and to act wisely and decisively to promote your activities on many levels. From your early childhood you were brought up on love of your homeland and Zionism. This love led your parents to leave burning Europe before the Holocaust touched them, but you always saw before your eyes the fact that your parents’ parents perished on that they could not come in time and be rescued from the long arm of the Nazi anti-Semitism.
Life was hard on you when your parents, who were your emotional support, were taken from you when you were young, but already then you took upon your shoulders the family doings and promoting of the businesses on the one hand, and the emotional responsibility for your fellow man on the other hand, to not only maintain the existing - but to cultivate and invest in him your best and your love of home and family.
It has been said of you that there is no one like you in your goodness and doings for your fellow man.
Despite your worldwide activities and your diverse areas of business, you pride in your ability to do for the good of your fellow man and for others. Your heart is open to all strata of the Israeli society. Your concern for others, the ability to foresee the future by giving in the field of education and teaching, enables to create possibilities and to integrate the various populations in the challenges of today and tomorrow in the society and the state. You are a friend and companion offering a shoulder to those accompanying him in all endeavors, and your warm and loving gaze with which you accompany all those who know and appreciate your work.
Very little do you allow the outside world to follow your actions, believing that giving in secret and modesty are as important as the action itself, therefore, your actions as a whole have never been in order to receive an award and have always been done while maintaining privacy and modesty without the ostentation that commonly occurs in actions of helping others.
The Israeli society receives from you handfuls of love, the various sectors which ultimately become inalienable assets of society itself, and thus you put in place the infrastructure to strengthen the spirit of the nation and the infrastructure of Israeli society. For those who struggled at the beginning of their way you opened an aperture into your heart and a window of opportunity to recognize and honor the work within Israeli society, and the will to fulfill a useful role in this society that combines personal challenge and social challenge.
Thanks to you and to those like you, our society experiences the integrating of all sectors and social strata in Israel in opportunities of equal rights and obligations in creating a more equal and just society, which the State of Israel must be based upon.
Your friendship with the Netanya Academic College made ​​you a symbol for all of us, given your skills to translate your major successes into action for others and your ability to give which comes deep from the heart and is given with warmth and love that we all cherish and recognize.
For your great friendship, for your wonderful doings and for much more that time is too short to elaborate, the Netanya Academic College grants you the honorary degree of Honoris Causa with all rights and titles inherent herein.

 עורך תוכן


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