From our College President

The academic year 2017-2018 will be the twenty- second anniversary of establishing the Netanya Academic College. The College is planned, by its founders and institutions, to absorb in the future 12,000 students for a full academic curriculum for B.A, M.A. and Ph.D. degrees.
The College aspires to excellence in teaching and scientific research, and qualifies its students to continue their studies for M.A. and Ph.D. in higher education institutions. The College aims to train the business and scientific leadership of the State of Israel. To achieve this goal, the College offers unique curricula and an innovative and updated approach.
Netanya Academic College is awarded national and international recognition and reputation. Thousands of its graduates have integrated into Masters and Doctorate studies at prestigious academic institutions in the country and across the world, and into senior positions in the High-Tech industry, advocacy and in the most important law firms, in the real-estate industry, in economic companies, in insurance, banking, and the business and public sector.
More than 3,600 students will study at the College in the academic year 2017 and about 300 professors, faculty members and administrative staff will serve therein. We grant twenty B.A. and M.A degrees recognized by the Council for Higher Education.
The College offers B.Sc. studies in computer sciences and mathematics, B.A. studies in insurance, B.A and M.B.A studies in business administration in the fields of financing, marketing, multidisciplinary management, project and information systems management, natural resources and environment, energy and water management. B.A studies and M.A studies in communication, B.A. studies in behavioral sciences and M.A studies in banking and capital markets and M.A in real estate. All the College degrees are accredited by the Council for Higher Education.
In the year 2013, the College was accredited to conduct a B.A. curriculum in information systems management, a combined program of the school of computer sciences and mathematics and the school of business administration.
In the year 2015, the College was accredited to conduct an M.A. curriculum in Law studies for non-lawyers.
Netanya Academic College operates while maintaining full academic freedom, fostering loyalty to the core values of a free and tolerant Israeli society while maintaining the human freedom of self-realization in the fields of thought and action.
Netanya Academic College strives to provide its graduates with excellent and wide education in a variety of fields in an advanced interdisciplinary approach, in order to ensure their success in the future world. The College offers its students a teaching staff of national and international reputation, composing excellence on both their scientific level and their teaching level with involvement in the world of activity.
The College has several research centers operating on national and international level for the sake of strengthening the resilience of the State of Israel. I would like to mention the Center for Strategic Dialogue, the Law and Society Forum, the Fair Media Center, Legal Aid Center (Alam), the Center of Jewish Law Applications, the Israel Heritage Center, the International Institute for the Research of the Anusim [the Coerced], the Center for the Environment, the Center of Banking Laws, the Center of Social reforms and the Francophone campus – absorbing French speaking students.
The excellence project operated in the College integrates excelling students of the various schools into projects related to some of the leading economic entities in the country.
Netanya Academic College is a non-profit public institution, and as such, it operates for the students' welfare, for developing and improving the teaching means, the laboratories, the library, the radio and television studios and the research in the College. The students enjoy a luxury sports center including a roofed swimming pool, fitness rooms, tennis and basketball courts and more.  Diverse cafeterias and magnificent dormitories are at the students' disposal, as well as a Senate hall and a unique cinema, which adds a lot to the student milieu.
The College has a Beit Midrash for men and women as well as a beautiful synagogue.
The College grants millions of NIS for scholarships each year.
The campus, on its buildings, infrastructures, the works of art that are scattered around its open spaces, and its lawns and groves, is a true pearl at the heart of the Sharon; a unique and prestigious location with its plans and structures; a site adapted to the needs of the students of the new millennium, and is built in a manner, which broadens the mind and elevates the spirit.
A student, who chooses to join us, must come with readiness for an intellectual challenge and an overall experience, which ties between the academy and the Israeli society on all its strata.
I hope that the twenty-second graduating classmates will leave their mark on the Israeli existence for promoting the society in the State of Israel.
Sincerely yours,
Prof. Jacob Hart

 עורך תוכן

President Of Nentanya Academic Colllege​
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