Master of Arts

Master of Banking and Capital Markets, M.A.
We are happy to announce that the Council for Higher Education has decided to allow us to open a Master’s program in Banking and Capital Market, starting in the 5774 academic year.
The Banking and Capital Markets School began its current operation in the 5762 (2001-2002) academic year. The school was founded due to a demand raised by the academia and the practitioners of the banking and capital markets sector in general, to found a banking and capital markets school which will concentrate the variety of theoretical academic subjects in banking combined with a reference to the practical applications and services derived thereof. Training professionals who specialize in the banking profession while combining academic knowledge with practical one from the capital market is an essential need of the banking sector, no less than the Israeli market as a whole.
The need for a designated school for the banking profession results from significant changes and developments made in recent years in Israel and the rest of the world. These changes come in the form of new financial instruments, technology (ATMs, telephone banking and internet services) and turning banks into some kind of a financial supermarket offering varied financial services above and beyond the sector’s traditional services.
Academic banking programs are already in place in the Western world, primarily North American and Europe. Israel, in contrast, does not have any academic institution, apart from Netanya Academic College, that allows comprehensive education in banking and grants the graduate an academic degree in banking and capital markets where the demand for such degree is ever growing.
Netanya Academic College’s undergraduate program of Banking and Capital markets is a bachelor program composed of a combination of quantitative courses in Economics and Financing and unique courses for the banking profession, in an integrative view. So far, 11 classes have been successfully completed and this year, 5773, the 12th class will complete its studies. Undergraduates are absorbed well in the Banking sector and the capital market in general and satisfaction is evident in graduates and their absorbing employers as well.
Due to the great success the undergraduate program has received, and as a result of great interest expressed by many of the graduates for a continued graduate program in banking and capital markets, it has been decided to open a master’s program for Banking and Capital markets. Today we already have dozens of graduates who postpone registration for other master’s programs in anticipation for the opening of the master’s program in banking and capital markets. The banking system, in which most manpower is academic, also expressed great interest in the master’s program for banking and capital markets. This degree will allow the expansion and deepening of subjects and a unique additional professionalization in the recent ever growing banking field.
·        The CHE approved the program’s opening. Being granted the degree is subject to the CHE’s approval.
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