Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts – Behavioral Sciences
Bachelor's Degree Bachelor of Arts Behavioral Sciences - Accredited by the Council for Higher Education in Israel
Course Length: Three years
The Bachelor of Arts degree is characterized by the following:
·         Includes two challenging academic tracks – Psychology and Human Resource Management
·         Offers diverse opportunities for key positions in political institutions, commercial companies, and economic bodies
·         Allows attainment of “expert” certification from The Association of Management, Development, and Research (dependent upon registration with the Association)
·         Day or Evening Study tracks, as desired.
The innovative Behavioral Sciences program combines the study of Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology. The distinctive nature of the program lies in its interdisciplinary examination of the relationship between the individual, societal processes and cultural trends. Accumulated Behavioral Science data and experience have made this field of endeavor a decisive one in the staffing of key positions in – among others – political, financial-technological, law enforcement and educational and nursing institutions and organizations.
The curriculum exposes students to both various theoretical aspects of Behavioral Sciences and relevant applications in contemporary society. The aim of the program is to train students in comprehensive professional analysis of social sciences and provide them with a deep understanding of specialty fields, while emphasizing personal development and educational enrichment.  The school provides the student with the opportunity to specialize in one of two tracks:  Psychology or Human Resource Management, as desired.
The Advantage of Experience
The School of Behavioral Sciences contains an active psychological research laboratory, which serves all the school’s researchers, and which cooperates with researchers in other departments within the College, as well as outside colleges and universities.  In addition to faculty research activities, the laboratory serves third-year students who choose to perform empirical research studies within the scope of their seminar projects.  The lab provides a supporting framework for the development of high-quality empirical research paradigms, and thus allows the students to experience – already at the Bachelor’s level – the full range of scientific research design and development skills needed for attaining the Masters degree.
The Field Work Program
As part of the Bachelor’s degree, this program allows third-year students to experience the role of assistance in treatment and professional guidance, to gain hours of practical experience (of great importance in the Psychological and Behavioral Science worlds), and to benefit from significant advantages upon entry into the job market.
Within the program framework, students can choose one of three organizations that contribute to the community:
1.       ERAN – wherein they will be trained as ERAN professionals in initiating and carrying on supportive conversations with those who turn to the ERAN hot-line for guidance, this within the context of ongoing guidance and support
2.       ALAM – wherein the students will function as an educational source and significant adult in the life of a young person, learning to gain his trust, to empower and guide him through a normative life, clearly with professional guidance and supervision by the ALAM coordinator and associated professionals
3.       THE CENTER FOR MENTAL HEALTH within whose framework students will be integrated into important community activities with children and youth that are being treated in the child and youth centers of the Lev Hasharon Mental Health Center
Excellence Program
The School of Behavioral Sciences “Excellence Program” allows second and third-year students who excel academically to take an active part in ongoing faculty research programs under the direction of the researchers themselves.  The students are integrated into each stage of the research, thereby gaining hands-on practical research experience, as well as attaining an in-depth, research-based academic recommendation, which is so essential to acceptance into graduate school.
Graduates will receive extensive academic preparation for enrolment to advanced degrees at institutes of higher learning, both in Israel and abroad.
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