Master of Arts

MA in Organizational Behavior
Professionals dealing with organizational behavior (that is, with human behavior in organizations) must also be able to comprehend the financial and strategic management aspects of modern organizations, because it is the corporate strategy that ultimately determines the skills required of employees needed by each organization, and how its employees have to be managed. This means that although professionals actively engaged  in this field are primarily required to acquire knowledge and skills in the behavioral sciences (organizational psychology and organizational sociology), they must also acquire a solid foundation in the more traditional functional managerial fields (finance, marketing and IT).
This graduate program aims to achieve these goals by providing both fundamental and advanced courses on these topics. Moreover, the program includes integrative courses (research seminar and projects), that provide a bridge between theory and practice, and therefore allow students to combine the knowledge, skills and tools acquired in the various courses.
The training offered in this MA program is designed to enable our graduates to meet the actual market requirements, and to enrich our graduates with the qualities expected of true professionals, thus increasing their chances to successfully integrate in the job market and prepare them for leadership.
In the College view, such a program, which is tightly integrated within the School of Behavioral Sciences, will carry our graduates upward to greater professional and academic achievements.
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