Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts – Business Administration
Course Length: Eight consecutive semesters
The Netanya Academic College offers an evening course with the goal of evening part time students achieving a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. The course is intended for candidates interested in acquiring knowledge and professional tools in the field of Management. In the modern business market, a working familiarity with diverse aspects of management is required, aspects from understanding Client needs, logistical and financial management, to the use of information technologies as a management tool. In order to develop a management position and cultivate a managerial career, it is essential to acquire certain academic and practical tools, as well as real world implementation.
In recognition of the limitations working students face, the Netanya Academic College has decided to offer a flexible and unique option to working students in pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Classes take place during evening hours and on Fridays, to make integration of work and study truly possible.
The Netanya Academic College Bachelor Degree in Business Administration is accredited by the Council for Higher Education, and graduates of the program may be accepted to Master's Degree programs at any University, whether in Israel or abroad.
The Netanya Academic College Business Administration program enjoys a sterling reputation among Israeli organizations and industry leaders.
Conditions for Admission:
Students who wish to Enroll into the Bachelor of Arts Business Administration must meet the following conditions:
1. Full matriculation with a minimum grade of 86. Special consideration will be given to matriculation examinations in Mathematics and English with 4-5 units of study.
2. English: 4 units of study – a minimal grade of 60-70 – candidates will be integrated as detailed on page 26 of the information booklet, or will undergo internal examination/AMIR (English level classification) to determine proper integration. 5 units of study – grade of 60-70 – candidates will be integrated into a first year English course in which they must achieve a minimal grade of 70.
3 units of study – candidates will be required to pass a Mathematics course preparatory course.
3 units of study – grade less than 85 – candidates will be required to pass the course with a minimal grade of 80.
4-5 units of study – grade of 60-70 – candidates will be required to finish a first year Mathematics course with a minimum grade of 70.
3. Management or organizational experience will be factored into the decision of the Admissions Committee.
Please Note:
In cases where a candidate over the age of 30 does not have full matriculation, admission will be considered by the Academic Exceptions Committee.
In the event where the committee's answer is positive, the candidate will be required to complete a number of preparatory courses, in accordance with the requirements set by the Council for Higher Education.
Study Arrangements:
Program length is eight consecutive semesters, including two summer semesters.
Classes meet on Fridays during the day, as well as Sunday and Thursday evenings.
Additional Information/Consultation references
Please contact the Program Director, Mr. David Grumet, at - 09-8607841     
To receive a detailed information booklet, please contact the Registrar's Office at - 09-8607777, extension 1.

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