Master of Business Administration
Master's Degree - Business Administration - Accredited by the Council for Higher Education
Course Length: Two years
The accredited MBA program of the Netanya Academic College offers a truly high quality curriculum, with the purpose of providing students with an advanced education in Business Administration within a clearly defined framework of specialties. The Academic staff is comprised almost entirely of full-time lecturers employed primarily by the College, holds impressive research as well as real-world professional achievements and truly excels in the quality of its teaching.
Study Tracks
MBA – Marketing
The goal of the Marketing specialization is to provide the students with working knowledge of a practical nature, which will serve them well in future marketing positions, such as Marketing Management, Brand Management and Strategic Planning. Subject matter is obtained from forefront research and practical implementations of modern marketing, including subjects such as: Marketing Strategies, Consumer Behavior studies, Marketing Research Methodology, Distribution Systems, Product Policy, Advertising and Sales Promotion, Pricing Policy, Marketing Technological Products and Service Marketing.
MBA – Finance
The goal of the Finance specialization of the MBA program is to instruct students in all aspects of the financial field, including Investment Theory, Corporate Finance, Financial Report Analysis, International Finance, Operating Capital Management, Corporate Assessment, Financing and Project Feasibility Analysis, Financial and Banking Institutions and Israeli Capital Markets. Students specializing in Finance will be well prepared for a wide variety of roles in financial management within the Israeli banking and financial sectors.
MBA – Multidisciplinary Management
The goal of the Multidisciplinary track is to create a broad knowledge base for graduates, based on diverse and specialized Business Administration subjects. Such a wide variety of subject matter provides students with a wide perspective on the Business Administration field, as well as enabling them to achieve a higher level of flexibility when searching for corporate and organizational management positions.
Courses in the Multidisciplinary track include required and elective courses in Marketing, Finance, Management and Information Systems.
MBA – Management of Information and Technological Systems
Advanced technological systems, especially information systems, represent a central component in every business organization, both globally and locally, including government ministries, banks, insurance companies, universities, industrial factories and more. This continually expanding phenomenon poses unique management challenges to each organization: How to manage individual information and technological systems.
This  specialized program covers both technical and organizational components, and so included technical courses, such as: Foundations of Computer Science, Technology Management and Databases and Project Management.
It also offers Management oriented courses such as: Information Systems Policy, Information Systems Planning and Analysis and Information Systems Provision.
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