Supplementary studies for Practical engineers

Supplementary studies for practical engineers

Netanya Academic College offers a study program in which practical engineers from various fields can complete a B.A. degree in Business Administration. The supplemental program for the practical engineers was opened to accommodate for the growing demand from candidates with practical engineering degrees who wish to advance and integrate into management positions in organizations and companies in the Israeli economy. During the studies for the degree, the students learn in depth all the financial, legal, administration and logistics aspects that are an integral part of the manager's world. The B.A. degree in Business Administration of the Netanya College is recognized by the Higher Education Council, and the program graduates will be able to register for Masters Degree in any university in the country and abroad. Netanya Academic College enjoys a high reputation in the field of business administration among the organizations and industries in Israel. The studies in the college offer a guaranteed combination of academic knowledge alongside practical-applicative knowledge.HTML תוכן\
The study program for B.A. degree in Business Administration:
The students for the B.A. degree in Business Administration are required to choose one of the following tracks: finance, marketing, information systems, investment advisors, multi-disciplinary.

The order of the study:
The curriculum will continue over eight consecutive semesters including two summer semesters. The studies will take place in the evening hour of Sunday to Thursday, starting from 17:00 and on Friday starting from 8:00.
In some semesters the extent of the curriculum will be more limited, due to courses that practical engineers are exempt from according to the decision of the Council for Higher Education.

Scope of exemptions:
The scope of the exemptions is in accordance with the candidate's course of study during the practical engineer degree.
Full detail of the exemption courses according to the course of study appears in the Information Booklet for practical engineers.
No exemptions will be awarded for practical engineer studies, taken five years or more before the start of the academic year.

Admission requirements:
1.      Full Matriculation certificate with the average of at least 75. Special weight will be given to English and Mathematics in the certificate.
2.      Each candidate will be required to take refresher preparatory studies in mathematics and complete it with a grade of at least70.
3.      An average graduation grade of at least 80 in the practical engineering degree (Internal+ External+ Final Project).
1.      If the applicant does not have full Matriculation certificate, and his age is over 30 years old, his candidacy will be considered by the Exceptions Committee.
2.      In the event that the Committee reply will be positive, the applicant will be required to take a number of preparatory courses, and that in accordance with the requirements of the Higher Education Council.

For more information / consultation meeting - please contact the information center - Tel: 09-8607777 ext 1
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