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Master's degree in Health Systems Management
In recent years, crises in the Health System, the constant price increase of health services and medical care as well as changes in the Health System as against the need to ensure efficient and affordable health services to the public under problematic budget and economic conditions in Israel and worldwide, require the training of professional and quality managerial manpower.

Enhancement of knowledge and skills in the various topics that the managers of the private and public health services engage in, evoke the need to expand the options for academic programs for a Master's degree in Health Systems Management.

We are talking about imparting basic knowledge in organizing and managing health services – hospitals, districts, clinics, units and institutes. Management of Geriatric systems, fundamentals of Economy, Health Economics, Health Policy, Epidemiology, ethical and legal aspects of the law, issues of health promotion and preventive medicine – are all issues in which an enlightened society in every advanced Western country invests a lot in order to save in the long term. Efficient management of the health systems will have a beneficial effect on society's health and will improve the service to the citizen. The medical institutes nowadays are increasingly interested in professional of all fields with academic training in health systems management and public health. Training reserves of the type in question will constitute encouragement and reinforcement to the medical administration in the various medical institutes in the country and the periphery.

The degree develops skills and professionalism in the managerial fields of Health Systems, such as: community health management, hospital management, management of wards and units, management of clinics and institutes, management of Geriatric institutions, management of para-medical units, management of human resources and social psychology in management of health systems.

The program is suitable for doctors and nurses at various managerial levels and for people continuing their B.A. degree in para-medical subjects, X-ray technicians, people engaging in logistics and administration. People who are interested in expanding their service and education in the individual area, the community area as well as in large health systems. The study program is adjusted to the required reality and has been examined by senior managers of the Health Systems.

The objectives of the Master's degree program in Health Systems Management are: imparting knowledge, capabilities and skills in public health, health economy, organization of health services, decision making in medicine, health policy and health laws, capability to plan and manage medicine in hospitals and in the community within health systems in the country and worldwide, and more.

The aspiration is that the students will know how to diagnose and identify communal, social and economic tools existing in the health systems; they will learn about the health system in Israel noticing the health situation in the community and appreciating the communal services. The students will master concepts and theories in various fields of health systems management and will know how to implement them. They will also know about reforms that have been carried out in recent years in health systems around the world.
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