Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor's Degree – Bachelor of Arts – Insurance - Accredited by the Council for Higher Education
Course Length: Three years
Dr. Ziv Reich holds the position of Dean of the Netanya Academic College School of Insurance, the only school of its kind in Israel to provide a Bachelor's Degree in Insurance.
Insurance is a major economic field and is one of the most important sectors of the Israeli market, with companies demanding a highly focused and comprehensive specialization in a number of academic disciplines. The school's curriculum is therefore comprised of the following:
  • Insurance - all-inclusive study of all aspects of insurance
  •             Legal studies
  •            Business & Finance studies, including academic infrastructure studies
The "B.A. - Insurance" degree allows students to achieve higher integration into practical employment by insurance companies, insurance agencies, pension and providence funds and in the risk-management departments of large industrialized companies; Involvement of real insurance companies, as well as the high caliber of study material, enables immediate graduate absorption by the job market.
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