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Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Management
* The Council for Higher Education has approved opening the program for studies for a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Management. Granting the degree is conditioned on the approval of the Council for Higher Education.
As Israel progresses and advances, so rises the importance of organizational information systems such as: management and decision making systems, marketing and sales systems, customer relation management systems, production and inventory systems and more. The general field uniting all these systems is called information systems and technologies. This is a relatively new professional area, which has developed greatly over the past years and is currently at the center of economic growth in all modern economies worldwide. In the current state, the functioning capability of various organizations in the economy depends on the proper operation of the various types of information systems and technologies. The information systems and technologies are developed, managed and maintained by experts who are required to have vast knowledge in fields related to computer sciences and information systems on the one hand, and management and organization sciences on the other hand. Among the various specializations are positions related to the management of computer systems and information technologies, such as: system administrators, network engineers, webmasters, database administrators, information security officer and more, and on the other hand there is a requirement for specialization in positions related to the organization, the management and the information users. These positions require the ability to represent the information needs of various users within the organization, the ability to analyze and define requirements while using suitable methods and models, the ability to manage the system development process, to implement them in the organizations and to manage them in an ongoing manner, as well as the ability to assist the various ranks of managers in locating and restoring information and in using the information beneficially and effectively.
In light of this, persons dealing in information systems and technologies are invaluable to various types of organizations. The demand for employees with high capabilities and appropriate training in these areas is constantly on the rise, along with the development of computer technologies and information systems. Graduates of the suggested program will be natural candidates for these positions in business, government and other organizations.
The new program in information systems management qualifies employees who will provide response to meet the ever increasing requirements of the information systems field.
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