A degree for Professional Soldiers

A degree for Professional Soldiers

Netanya Academic College has a unique and prestigious program, which allows a convenient integration between the army service of professional soldiers with academic studies.
The curriculum of this program emphasizes on the practical studies of software engineering, while providing high-level theoretical studies of math and logic. The curriculum includes a strong theoretical preparation, along with practical training in programming, which includes the following features:
1.      A series of powerful programming courses based on the computer languages Java, C, and C#.
2.      Teaching specific and in depth courses that emphasize key issues in software development.
3.      Practical projects.
The graduates of the program will be able to continue study for a Masters Degree in subjects such as: computer science, business administration and more, in any recognized university or college in the country.
Admission requirements:
1.      Matriculation certificate with an average of 90 or more.
2.      Matriculation in Mathematics in the scope of 5 learning units, with the grade of at least 80. Applicants who do not meet this condition (but the scope of their Matriculation in mathematic is 4 learning units with a grade of at least 80), will be required to pass a preparatory course in mathematics before school starts. Previous background in programming is an advantage for candidates who were acceptance to the program.
3.      In some of the semesters the student will be required to study for an additional evening, because the program is very rigorous and extensive.
Applicants, who would wish to space out the program, will be able to extend it over four years, subject to the approval of the Dean.

The opening date of the program:*
The study program will open in November 2011 (11/11). And will be finished towards July 2014

Studies will take place on:
Thursday -       Between 13:00 - 22:00
Friday -            Starting at 8:00

This program is tailored to meet the procedures and requirements of professional soldiers.
Duration: Nine consecutive semesters (including summer semesters).
* The opening of the program is depended on a minimum number of registrations as will be determined by the School of Computer Science.

For more information / consultation
Please contact the information center Tel 09-8607777 extension
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