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מחלקה:ביה"ס לניהול מערכות בריאות, ביה"ס למשפטים

Higher Education:


Year of Approval of DegreeDegreeName of Institution

and Department

Period of Study
2018Ph.DBen-Gurion University of the Negev. Department of Health System Management2016-2018
2010LL.MTel Aviv University. Faculty of Law2008-2009
2007LL.BAcademic College of Law, Ramat Gan. Faculty of Law


Academic position in Institutes of Higher Education

                                                                                                                                                       Rank/PositionName of Institution and DepartmentDates
LecturerSackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University2007- Present
LecturerBuchmann Faculty of Law,  Tel Aviv University2019 – Present
LecturerSchool of Health Systems Management Academic College Netanya2018- Present
LecturerSchool of Health Systems Management,  The Israeli Academic College2017- Present
LecturerSchool of Law, The College of Management Academic Studies2007-2017
Frontal practitioner / LecturerSchool of Law, Academic College Netanya2008-2018

  • Publications

  1. D Dissertation

Between 'choice' and 'equality' in the public health system : What is the proper balance? Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (2018). Supervisors: Prof. Nadav Davidovitch and Prof. Gabi Ben-Nun.

  1. Scientific Articles– Published
  2. Niv-Yagoda, A. “The ability to obtain informed consent from minors, and particularly, from dying minors”, Harefuah, Vol. 147, Issue F, p. 459. [Hebrew]
  3. Niv-Yagoda, A, Katznelson, E. 2010. "Legal and psychologists to make decisions about medical care for children in situations of disagreement between the parents," HaMishpat Volume 15 (2), p. 551. [Hebrew]
  4. Niv-Yagoda, A. 2012. "Participation minors in a medical procedures – Gertie to interpret a particular episode," Medicine and Law, Volume 45 . [Hebrew]
  5. Niv-Yagoda, A .2014. Breaking the stigma – HIV and human rights, Judgments insights27, 5-20. [Hebrew]
  6. Niv-Yagoda, A, Weiss A. 2015. A policy of "permanent rejection" of receiving blood donation from men who have had sex with men – maintaining public health or improper discrimination? Judgments insights 45. [Hebrew]
  7. Niv-Yagoda, A.2015 . The Boundaries of Freedom of Patient Choice within the Public Health System, Medicine and Law 2015. [Hebrew]
  8. Niv-Yagoda, A . 2016. The Principle of Mutuality – Caregivers’ Disclosure Duty, Patients’
  9. Responsibilities, and the ‘Duty to Inform’, Alei Mishpat – The Law Review of The College of Law & Business, Pp.183. [Hebrew]
  10. Niv-Yagoda, A. 2018. Macroeconomic Assessment When introducing a new drug into the basket of health services, Medic, Pp. 62. [Hebrew]
  11. Niv-Yagoda, A . 2018. Analytical Framework for the Resolution of Conflicts and Crises in the Israeli Health System, International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution, Issue 1.
  12. Niv-Yagoda, A. 2020. Association between trust in the public healthcare system and selecting a surgeon in public hospitals in Israel: a cross-sectional population study. Isr J Health Policy Res938 (2020).

  1. Chapters in Scientific Books – Published


  1. Niv-Yagoda, A, Peleg, G. 2013. Issues and dilemmas at the end of life, Tntology, Scientific loss, bereavement and grief: Selected Topics (eds: Haniya Shannon Klein, Shulamith Kreitler and Kreitler container), Pardes Publishing . [Hebrew]
  2. Niv-Yagoda, A . 2019. The Patient, the Caregiver and the Bridge Between Them. In Partnership in Healthcare: The Patient, the Caregiver and the Bridge Between Them (Shafran-Tikva, Sigal, Joshua Shemer, and Yossi Weiss eds.), Jerusalem: Magnes Press . [Hebrew]

  1. Articles in Magazines of professional associations

  1. Niv-Yagoda, 2009. “Positions of minors with respect to the right to participation in the medical process”, Israeli Oncological Nursing Newsletter, Vol. 18(1) (March 2009), p. 6. [Hebrew]
  2. Niv-Yagoda, 2009. “Socio-Legal Analysis of the Right to Participation, the Positions of Minors with Life-Threatening Diseases”, Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University (2009). [Hebrew]
  3. Niv-Yagoda, 2009. “Disease – Part of Me or a Battle Story”, Medicine, No. 12 (2009).  [Hebrew]
  4. Niv-Yagoda, 2010. "The evidentiary damage Obstetrics and Gynecology," Israeli Journal of Ob / Gyn, Volume 70. [Hebrew]
  5. Niv-Yagoda, 2010., "The medical record as a tool to reduce exposure to legal risks," Israel Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Dermatology, Volume 7. [Hebrew]
  6. Niv-Yagoda, 2010. "The obligation to offer treatments and tests though not included in the health basket," Israeli Journal of Ob / Gyn, Volume 71 .[Hebrew]
  7. Niv-Yagoda, 2011. "The duty of disclosure – the winds of change?" Israeli Journal of Ob / Gyn, Volume 73. [Hebrew]
  8. Niv-Yagoda, 2010. "Medical confidentiality in relation to venereal disease contagious", Israeli Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Dermatology | No. 9 [Hebrew]
  9. Niv-Yagoda, 2010. "Expectations as a basis for informed consent aesthetic medicine", Israeli Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Dermatology | No. 8. [Hebrew]
  10. Niv-Yagoda, 2011. "Accepted practice and preventive measures suspect goes before a newborn macrosomia", Israeli Ob / Gyne Journal, Volume 74, pp. 37. [Hebrew]

     Presentation at International Conferences:

  1. 2010: Legal and psychologists to make decisions about medical care for children in situations of disagreement between the parents. International Conference of Medicine and Law in Europe-The 18th World Congress on Medical Law, Zagreb, Croatia.
  2. 2015: When law, ethics, professionalism and psychology come alive: Teaching medical students an integrated course based on real life medical case. UNESCO Chair in Bioethics 10th World Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics and Health Law.

Activities outside the Institution of Higher Education

  1. Committee to Strengthen the Public Healthcare System in Israel ("German Committee"), headed by Minister of Health (2013-2014).
  2. Committee: Medical Insurance in Israel (Ministry of Health ,2013-2014)
  3. Committee: Definition of Service Doctrine of the Health System (Ministry of Health ,2015)
  4. Committee: Improving the Patient's Experience in the Emergency Room (Ministry of Health ,2015).
  5. Committee: Definition of a Code of Ethics for the Use and Integration of Information in the Health System (Ministry of Health, 2016)
  6. Committee: Ethics and Public Participation for for Personalized Medicine (Ministry of Health 2017).
  7. Committee: cooperation Patients in decision making (Ministry of Health 2018-2019).
  8. Member of the core team in the planning of the National Master Plan for the Health System (Ministry of Finance 2019)

Employment History

2006 – Present  Private law firm specializing in medical law.

    Consultant to health institutions on medico-legal issues, risk management

     and quality assurance in medicine, Nalali .

2005-2006     Law Internship – Dr. A. Rubinstein & S. Yakirevich, Law Firm (Medical Malpractice).

2002-2005     Senior tutor at National Center for Medical Simulation, Tel Hashomer Hospital.I worked in the training of doctors, nurses, paramedics and first aid officers in the following projects:  Qualification exams for paramedics (M.D.A., I.D.F.), training interns prior to entry into departments (together with the deans of the faculties of medicine in Israel and the National Internship Committee), training ER teams from all hospitals around the country and drafting IDF training scenarios.

  • Lecturer – emergency medicine at Teva, Israel Police Department and the Ministry of Education.

  Awards, Citations, Honors, Fellowships

2017-2015: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. A scholarship for Ph.D studies from ‘The National Insurance Institute of Israel

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