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שם:פרופ' משה גלברד
תפקיד:דיקן ביה"ס למשפטים
מחלקה:ביה"ס למשפטים
Senior Lecturer, School of Law, Netanya Academic College, Israel
Ph.D.  – Bar-Ilan University, (2002)
LL.M. – Vrije Universiteit Brussel (V.U.B.) (Magna Cum Laude, 1989)
LL.B.  –  Bar-Ilan University (Magna Cum Laude, 1985)
Academic Appointments
Senior Lecturer, Netanya Academic College School of Law (2002 – present)
Adjunct Lecturer, Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Law (2002 – present)
Visiting Lecturer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Law (2007-8, 2013)
Courses Taught
Commercial Contracts
Standard Form Contracts
Books and Chapters in Books:

1.       "Contract Remedies – A Relational Perspective" in: The Organizational Contract – From Exchange to Long-Term Network Cooperation in European Contract Law (2013) p. 269-292 (with Dr. Yehuda Adar).

2.       Anticipatory Breach of Contracts in Israeli Law (2006), 445 pages (in Hebrew).
3.       "The Remedy of Price Reduction in Mixed Legal Systems" (with Dr. David Elkins) 42 Stetson L. Rev 139 (2013).
4.       "Standard Form Contracts under the New Civil Code Proposal" (with Dr. Yehuda Adar) 5 Hukim L. Rev. 99 (2013).
5.       "Asymmetrical indexation clauses in standard form contracts" (with Dr. Shmulik Becher) Hukim On Line (2013) http://law.huji.ac.il/upload/a_sym.pdf
6.       "The Amendments of the Israeli Standard Form Contracts Law" (with Dr. Shmulik Becher) 5 Hukim L. Rev. 19 (2013).
7.       "Standard Form Banking Contracts: The Boundaries of Judicial Review" 171  Quarterly Banking Review 34 (2012).
8.       "See You in Court" 13 IBA L. J. 48 (2011) (with Dr. Shmulik Becher).
9.       "The Role of Remedies in the Relational Theory of Contract – A Preliminary Inquiry" (with Dr. Yehuda Adar) 7 European Rev. of Contract Law 399-424 (2011).
10.   "Restitution, Compensation, Accumulation of Remedies and Freedom of Contract: An Intellectual Exercise in Remedies" 40 Mishpatim (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem L. Rev.) 827 (2011).
11.   "The Nonconformity of Price Reduction: The Limited Utility of the Remedy in Israeli Law" (With Dr. David Elkins) 40 Mishpatim (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem L. Rev.) 183 (2010).
12.   "Land Transactions of Minors under the New Civil Code Proposal" 6 Netanya L. Rev. (2007) 229. 
13.   "Anticipatory Repudiation of Obligations under the New Civil Code Proposal" 5 Netanya L. Rev. (2006) 229. 
14.   "The Statutory Requirement for Contracts in Writing in Land Transactions Under the New Civil Code Proposal" 7 Kiryat Hamishpat L. Rev. (2006)  231.
15.   "Book Review: The Law of Consumer Protection, Vol. 1 – Foundations and Principles, By Sinai Deutch" 20 Bar Ilan University Law Studies (2004) 529.
16.   "The Timing of Betterment Tax Payment in Property Transactions" 3 Netanya Law Review (2003-4) 87.
17.   "Private Land Registration and the Duties Resulting from the Status of 'Semi Public Authority' " 2 Mekarkein L. Rev. (2003) 47.
18.   "Betterment Tax: Transfer of Rights from Trustee to Beneficiary as Realization of Rights" 1 Mekarkein L. Rev. (2002) 42.
19.   "Betterment Tax Exemption for the Sale of an Apartment" 15 Missim L. Rev. (2001) 63.
20.   "The Timing of Betterment Tax Payment in the Event of Realization of Property" 14 Missim L. Rev. (2000) 138.
21.   "The Demolition of a Condominium: Sec. 60 of the Israeli Land Law" 7 Bar Ilan University Law Studies (1989) 281.
Works in Progress:
22.   "Pre-dispute Arbitration Clauses in Consumer Contracts – An Israeli Perspective" (forthcoming 2013).
23.   "The Anticipatory Breach Doctrine as a General Principle of the Law of Remedies" (forthcoming 2014).
Academic and Professional Activities
Member of the Standard Form Contracts Tribunal of Israel (since 2006)
Member of the Society of European Contract Law (SECOLA)
Visiting scholar – Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, Lausanne (2009, 2010, 2011).
Visiting scholar – Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center (2012).
Visiting scholar – School of Law, Queen Mary University of London (2012).
Member of the Israel Bar Association (since 1986).
Member of the Organizing Committee of the Annual Conference of the Israel Bar Association (2006-2011).
Permanent lecturer at the following institutions:
            Institute for Continuing Education for Judges – Israeli Ministry of Justice
            Institute for Continuing Education for Legal Advisors – Israeli Ministry of
            Institute for Continuing Education for Lawyers – Israeli Bar Association
            The Center for Commercial Law – Bar Ilan University

Conferences (selected)

The 2013 Annual Conference on Israeli Law – Summery and Evaluation, Haifa University (October 2013)

The 13 Annual Conference of the Israel Bar Association: Eilat, Israel ((May, 2013).

Remedies Discussion Forum: Prato, Italy (June 2013).

The 12 Annual Conference of the Israel Bar Association: Eilat, Israel (May, 2012).

The 7th Annual International Conference on Contracts: Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego (March 2012).

The Annual Conference of the International Society for Labor Law and Social Security (Eilat, Israel, March 2012)

The Annual Public Conference of the Society of Israeli Private Law – New Trends in Consumer Protection: The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya (March 2012).

Symposium: Law of Contract or Laws of Contracts? Netanya Academic College School of Law in collaboration with Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center.  Organized by Prof. Hadara Bar-Mor, Prof. Ruth Plato-Shinar and Dr. Moshe Gelbard (Netanya, Israel, December 2011).

Conference on Banking Law: The Center for Banking Law, Netanya Academic College (May 2011).

Remedies Discussion Forum: Aix en Provence, France (June 2011).

Rights and Remedies in the Law of Obligations: Faculty of Law, University of Haifa (June, 2011).

I.B.A. 10th Annual Conference: Eilat, Israel (May 2010).

Spring Conference on Contracts: University of Nevada Las Vegas, William S. Boyd School of Law (February 2010).

The Israeli Law on Remedies for Breach of Contract- Achievements and Challenges: Netanya Academic College School of Law in collaboration with Haifa University Faculty of Law (Organized by Dr. Moshe Gelbard and Dr. Yehuda Adar, University of Haifa, 2010).

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