Diana Hagee

Dear Mrs Diana Hagee,
No greater song of praise to a woman has been written than that of the Holy Writings in the Book of Proverbs, where King Solomon asks: “A woman of Valor, who can find? - far beyond pearls is her value".
The wisest of men, in attempting to describe a woman of valor, did not refer to an abstract figure, but to an outstanding woman aptly fitting this image. (Proverbs, 31:10).
Today you receive the title “A Woman of Valor” which could not be better suited to your work and your endeavors. “Her husband's heart relies on her and he shall lack no fortune”.  No material values exist to appraise the degree to which an entire public cherishes you.
An ocean of love surrounds you on all sides for your blessed deeds, for being the right hand of a leader and foremost spiritual figure in our generation. 
You are the ideal spouse, mother, woman of vision and spirit, a woman of action and thought. The many books you have written have become an integral part of the spiritual wealth of the biblical interpretations of the spheres in which you have dealt.
Your academic skills and vision have served you well in your unique explanations of historical figures from the Bible, which serve as role models in our society to this day.
Much can be learned from these figures if we are to comprehend their bequests to society.
You have raised an exemplary family – sons and daughters who continue the legacy of your work, your love for the holy writings and your desire to contribute to the society. 
Permit me to call upon your children and your husband, as is written in the Book of Proverbs (Proverbs, 31.28-29) stating: “Her children rise and praise her, her husband, too, and he lauds her.  Many women have done worthily, but you surpass them all".
For your leadership, your spirituality and vision, your community leadership, your life as a spouse and a mother, your work on behalf of the State of Israel and the Netanya Academic College – in recognition of all these and much more   - the Netanya Academic College bestows upon you the title of A WOMAN OF VALOR with all the attendant privileges attached to this title, and --  endorsed by the Academic Council and the Management Committee – I confer this title upon you and declare you to be A Woman of Valor, and present you with this parchment scroll.

 עורך תוכן


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