About Netanya Academic College

Netanya Academic College counts itself a member of a small, prestigious group of colleges that have been accredited by The Council for Higher Education in Israel, and accredited by the Government of Israel as an institution for higher education. The College boasts a highly regarded teaching staff, composed of lecturers renowned for their expertise and academic credentials, who have taught and conducted research at the finest universities both in Israel and abroad.
Netanya Academic College, whose leaders plan to turn it into Israel's next university, is a unique multidisciplinary college with a reputation for scholastic excellence. In the coming academic year, 4,200 students from all over Israel are slated to study there. These students will enjoy unique and fascinating studies, providing them an education in a variety of complementary academic disciplines, training them to assume Israel's business and scientific leadership in the coming years.
The College's academic faculty, almost all of whom are senior academics, hold Ph.D.s  in their respective fields and studied at some of the most prestigious universities around the world. Integrating lectures and research, students studying at the College receive the most comprehensive, thorough and contemporary training available.
The multidisciplinary approach to the study program is designed to provide students with as broad a base of knowledge as possible, later to be integrated into the practice of their chosen profession. For this reason, studies in the School of Law, for instance, include courses in Finance, Criminology and Business Administration, whereas Behavioral Sciences students benefit from courses in Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior.

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