Masters of Arts

The School of Communication in Netanya Academic College provides a qualitative and innovative curriculum for Master’s Degree of communication (without thesis). The program is the only one among all the Israeli academic colleges that offers a second degree in communication and by that joins the three existing programs in the Israeli universities. The program is open for those who hold a first degree in communication or other areas, and is designed to provide advanced academic training to applicants who wish to join the communication professions, and for those who practice it today. The faculty members are researchers who are well known in the field for their professionalism and the excellence of their research and teaching qualities.
The program goals:
The program is designed for providing advanced training for the essential requirements from communication experts, including:
        Acquiring a comprehensive academic education in preparation for joining the labor market on the basis of professional knowledge and ethical, critical and constructive thinking.
        Understand the media environment of the 21st century in Israel and around the world, and be knowledgeable about the new communication means in comparison to the traditional ones (printed press, radio and television).
        Emphasizing upon familiarity with media organizations with their audience and the social, cultural, economical and political factors that shape them.
The curriculum structure and duration:
The program takes place in a comfortable environment, allowing a combination of study and work.
It is possible to concentrate the studies to one to two afternoons during the week and on Fridays. The program includes 39 semesterial study hours that award 35 points. The program is without a thesis. The duration of the studies is two years, four semesters.
Admission requirements:
Enrollment is open for students with a Bachelor’s degree of communication or another subject, with an average score of at least 80. The admission Committee may accept to the program, with the proper reasons and in exceptional cases, students who have an average grade of less than 80 in their degree. Students who have not taken undergraduate studies in communication will be required to attend complementary courses.
The infrastructures of the Communication school – Master’s Degree
The philosophy of the school is reflected in the establishment of appropriate infrastructure to accompany the curriculum, including the program for Master’s Degree in the Communication:
        Seminars and conferences are held several times during the school year;
        Guest lectures are combined in the classes which are open to all students;
        A departmental seminar (obligatory) will take place during the second degree program, in addition to the usual conferences.
        A radio station which is operated by the students, broadcast programs about current affairs, sports and programs that are produced in cooperation with the nearby communities, such as Ethiopian, French and other new immigrants communities, and for their benefit. Programs about cultural and social issues are edited and broadcasted by the faculty members;
        The School Magazine "Broadcast Band" allows faculty and students to express their opinions in a wide range of topics;
        The activities of the Israeli Communication Association are conducted from within the School of Communication;
        The students for the second degree will be integrated into the research and public of activities of the project "Honest Communication: The center for the coverage of the conflict, war and peace." The students will participate in Israeli and international research, in conferences and in the publications of the center. 
 Netanya Academic College provide for the program the most sophisticated radio and television studios, and also a broadcasting radio station, in addition to classrooms, computer labs and seminar rooms equipped with all the advanced learning aids, from direct computerized slides projectors to “smart posts", Videos and DVD. In addition, a wireless network is installed around the campus, which enables the connection of laptops.
Additional details can be found at the college website: and in Tel No. 1-800-225-771 or *2443
* The opening of the program is conditioned on a minimal number of registrations
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