Evening School

Supplementary program for practical engineers in evening school

Netanya Academic College has a unique supplementary program which provides the opportunity for practical engineers to complete their undergraduate studies towards a B.A. in Media. The supplementary studies for receiving the degree can be combined with the candidate day job and can be developed into a professional career.

The program graduates will be awarded with a B.A. in Media which is recognized by the Council for Higher Education.

The School of Communication is committed for academic and professional excellence. The purpose of the school is to provide a broad knowledge about the media processes and its institutes to the students, while integrating theoretical knowledge with practical studies that are required for managing and operating the various instruments of the media.
The school prepares its students to operate in the fields of the printed and broadcasted media, television and film, advertising and public relations. Each student is given the opportunity to experience these areas in practice, in sophisticated studios and well-equipped laboratories.
The curriculum covers the various aspects of communication: cultural, social, historical, technological, legal, ethical and linguistic. The school faculty was assembled in line of these aspects. This is an experienced team with an academic status, skilled and diverse in its scientific and professional perception. The curriculum is comprised from courses in the various areas of communication and from foundation studies in the social and humanities sciences while emphasizing their relation to mass and interpersonal communication.
2. Admission requirements
·         Graduating the practical engineer studies with an average grade of 80 or more.
·         The supplementary program will be open for practical engineers who have completed their studies in the following tracks only: movies and television, interactive media, design and visual communication, voice and sound, photography.
·         Average Matriculation certificate grade of at least 75.
3. School start dates and study procedures *

The studies in the Supplementary program will begin in October 2010 (10/10) and will be completed towards July 2013 (07/13).
Studies will continue for about eight consecutive semesters (including summer semesters), and will end in July 2013.
The full curriculum schedule for the degree will be held on:
Sunday -          17:00 to 22:00
Wednesday -   17:00 to 22:00
Friday -            8:00 to 14:00
It should be emphasized that since practical engineers from the various tracks have exemptions for various courses, in some of the semesters, they will have partial and less stressful curriculum. Exemptions will be granted to practical engineers who graduated in last five years only.

The College reserves the right, if necessary and with a prior notice to add additional day to the curriculum.

Note: The opening of the program depends on a minimal number of registrations that will be determined by the college administration.
Information / consultation meeting
For more information or a consultation meeting, please contact: 1-800-225-771 or *2443 extension
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