Evening Studies

Supplemental studies for practical engineers - Evening School
The school for Computer Science and Mathematics of the Netanya Academic College sees practical engineers as the most suitable participants for the studies for an academic degree in computer science.

For you, the practical engineers, we offer an up-to-date technological curriculum which is of the highest level, in order to bring you to the frontiers of the existing technological knowledge.
We value the knowledge and experience you have acquired in the following ways:
1.                  Practical engineers from the areas of Software \ Electronics \ Instrumentation & Control will be exempt from courses on the basis of the practical engineering studies.
2.                  Studies in a flexible course that allows convenient integration between school and a day time job.
3.                  Significant discount in tuition.
The B.Sc. degree in Computer Science of the Netanya Academic College is recognized by the Higher Education Council, and academic track graduates will be able to register for Masters Degree studies at any university in the country and abroad.

For whom the plan is intended?
1.                  Practical engineers from the tracks of study Software / Electronics / Instrumentation & Control / Mechatronics.
2.                  Applicants who are not engineers but have extensive background in software will be considered by the exceptions committee.
Terms for Practical Engineers registration:
Candidates will be accepted according to their qualifications in the following conditions:
1.                  Full Matriculation Certificate with a weighted score of 75 or more.
2.                  Score of at least 80 in mathematics in the extent of 5 units. Candidates who do not meet this condition will be required to participate in preparatory mathematics class.
3.                  Students who have achieved in the practical engineers studies an average grade of at least 80 (internal + external + Final Project).
Study procedures:
1.                  Sunday to Thursday, the classes will be held between 17:00 to 22:00. Friday school starts at 8:00.
2.                  Sixth semester, students will be asked to arrive for an additional day for studying elective courses. As a substitute for the extra school day, elective courses can be taken (for students who would want to) during a fourth year, with no extra charge.
3.                  Duration of the studies: Nine consecutive semesters (including summer semester).
4.                  Students, who would be interested in spreading the program over four years, could do so with the approval of the Dean, free of charge, provided that they paid 300% tuition.
Opening date of the school:
The degree program will open in November 2011 (11/11). And will be over towards the month of July 2014 (7/14).

For more information / consultation
 Please contact the information center - Tel: 09-8607777 ext 1

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