School of Behavioral Sciences

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School of Behavioral Sciences

The School of Behavioral Sciences at Netanya Academic College offers an innovative undergraduate and graduate program in Human Resources that combines teachings from the fields of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and management.

The uniqueness of the program is in its multidisciplinary view of the connection between the individual, the society in which they live, and their cultural background and environment. This rich perspective forms a foundation for effective human resource management, with special sensitivity to diversity.

As the world around us becomes more technological and complex, so does the importance of developing interpersonal skills and social skills. However, the many stimuli that surround us do not often allow us to delve into the depths of the human psyche and the social world. Behavioral sciences help a person better understand their motives, needs, decision-making processes, and the social influences that affect the way they conduct themselves in the world.


A Window for Understanding Broad Social Influences

The knowledge and experience accumulated in social sciences and human resources enable a deeper understanding of the social world, making the field extremely relevant to the training of key officials in public, political, economic-technological institutions, and more.


Areas of knowledge taught in the School of Behavioral Sciences help students understand the broad social influences that control their lives. What are the underground currents that determine how we dress? What will we choose to eat? What will we choose to buy? Where will we live? How much will we earn? These decisions are all controlled by forces we are unaware of. Throughout their undergraduate studies, students discover the hidden world that is in the processes that affect them and promote their independent and critical thinking abilities.


The master's degree in human resources is dedicated to understanding the person in the organization and imparting managerial and consulting knowledge based on the worlds of social sciences and management. Human Resources students will develop the ability to diagnose processes in the organization and build programs for the effective management of the people working in the organization.


Research Psychology Laboratory

The School of Behavioral Sciences operates a research psychology laboratory that serves all researchers in the School of Behavioral Sciences as well as third-year students who, in their seminars, choose empirical work based on the design and execution of experiments. 


In addition, within the framework of the School of Behavioral Sciences, students in the second and third years can partake in a fieldwork program that enables them to experience therapeutic assistance and professional guidance while acquiring practical experience hours. The school also has an Excellence Program that enables outstanding second and third-year students to take an active part in the research done by the school’s researchers.


The teaching staff at the School of Behavioral Sciences includes a respectable group of internal full-time lecturers who dedicate the majority of their time and energy to their students, their classes, and their research.


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